The Challenge: Free Agents Episode 9 Best Friends for Never Preview & Live Stream

Even though The Challenge: Free Agents was designed for each competitor to stand alone, it didn’t take long for old alliances and friendships to take hold. Maybe out of habit the veterans began banding together to pick off the rookies early, but now we are getting down to the nitty gritty. The contestants can no longer avoid making tough decisions by throwing the new meat into the elimination challenges. Now is when the infighting starts, and it appears tonight’s all new episode, titled Best Friends for Never, features a break up of two solid friends. Check out the episode descritpion from MTV for more info.

A friendship breaks apart as the game intensifies; a competitor suffers an injury.

So who’s friendship is hitting the rocks? Looks like things are going south between Cara Maria and Laurel from the looks of this week’s preview. Laurel has been all out of sorts since Johnny Bananas sent home her one handed boy toy Jordan, but she at least had Cara Maria on her side. Well after tonight Laurel might really have to consider life as a true Free Agent in the game.

Date: Thursday, June 5th
Episode Title: Best Friends for Never
Start Time: 10:00 pm ET
Watch: MTV
Online Stream:

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