Hell's Kitchen Season 12 on Fox 9 Chefs Compete: Preview & Live Stream

Fox’s search for the next executive chef at a random Gordon Ramsay restaurant continues tonight with only 9 chefs remaining for the title of Hell’s Kitchen champion. Hell’s Kitchen is the only competition show on TV where doing poorly is the best avenue to stay on the show. Gordon might be looking for a new executive chef, but the producers of the show just want bumbling buffoons. The show is more about what the chefs don’t know than their culinary backgrounds.

Tonight’s all new episode features Gordon giving up control for the week. Instead of Gordon planning the menu for dinner service, the two teams will make their own menu choices. With this group of contestants expect to see Applebee’s level menu items. A Lucky Charms encrusted fish should be somewhere on the menu. Here’s the episode synopsis from Fox.

The red team and the blue team each create their own menus, from which guests can order during dinner service; the team that impresses diners with its food and service wins the challenge; contestants face elimination.

The promo for tonight’s all new episode features Rochelle in danger of an emotional breakdown. Rochelle is the nicest contestant left on the show, and of course her fellow chefs can’t wait to take her down.

Date: Thursday, June 5th
Episode Title: 9 Chefs Remaining
Start Time: 8:00 pm ET
Watch: Fox
Online Stream: Fox.com

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