'The Walking Dead' Reclaims Title of TV's Most Watched Show

The Walking Dead is not only the most watched cable program, but the most watch series on any platform!

Season four of the AMC zombie drama The Walking Dead averaged over 28 million total viewers every week. When asked for gross metrics for the hit series, the network revealed that the series’ fourth season saw a gain of around 10 million weekly viewers when the network factored in replays, on-demand, and TV Everywhere views. The 10 million extra viewers adds on to the 18.4 million viewers the series pulls in from the original broadcasts’ live-plus-7 day rating.

The rise in total viewers for The Walking Dead puts the series back at the top of the pack, after the honor was (briefly) claimed by HBO’s Game of Thrones. HBO announced on Wednesday that Game of Thrones‘ current fourth season is averaging 18 million total viewers when the network figures in first-runs, encores, HBO GO and On Demand views. The series’ adjusted numbers more than double the steady 7.2 million viewers the show has been able to pull in for its new Sunday outings.

Numbers for both The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones are even greater when you take into account that the two series are two of the most pirated series on television. The two series also manage to perform extremely well international.


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