Nasim Pedrad Hints She Won't Return to 'SNL' this Fall

Say it isn’t so!

Buzzfeed reports that SNL alum Nasim Pedrad told an ATX Television Festival panel over the weekend that she “didn’t think she would be returning to Saturday Night Live” when the series returns for its 4oth season this fall saying:

“I haven’t heard any official word so far, but I love [Mulaney] so much. I have an apartment in LA and as far as I know, I’m in LA now.”

When  Pedrad joined Mulaney in December, it seemed more likely that the comedian would not return to Saturday Night Live in the fall considering that the two series are filmed on opposite sides of the country (Saturday Night Live in New York and Mulaney in LA).

Pedrad added that many comedians join the cast of Saturday Night Live in hopes of receiving opportunities such as Mulaney, but she did offer a small glimmer of hope noting if that there is a way for her to work on both series, she would.

Pedrad just completed her fifth year on the Saturday Night Live, bringing the world her take on Kim Kardashian and the legendary Arianna Huffington sketches.

A spokesperson for NBC said that no casting decisions have been made yet for Saturday Night Live‘s upcoming 40th season.

Will you miss Nasim Pedrad if the rumors of her SNL exit end up being true? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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