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Jennifer Lopez Puts On Her Tight Pants On The Tonight Show

Jimmy Fallon has put on his tight pants multiple times between The Tonight Show and Late Night, but I don’t think any of his tight pants partners quite have had the effect that Jennifer Lopez did last night.

I don’t think I’m going out on a limb to say that most people would rather look at J-Lo’s behind than say Will Ferrell. Nothing against Will Ferrell, but, hey, I think even he’d agree.

‘Tight Pants’ has become a recurring sketch for Fallon and seems to get better every time they break it out. Lopez was definetly the best Tight Pants visitor. When telling Fallon and his tight pants to leave town, she told him he that she’d cut him and his family. It’s funnier in the video than it is by word, trust me.

Jennifer Lopez will be on the Tonight Show next week again when Jimmy and the crew take their show to Orlando. Lopez will sit at the desk and perform next week.

Also on The Tonight Show last night was Clint Eastwood talking about the new film Jersey Boys, which he directed. Fallon showed a clip of Eastwood on his first Tonight Show appearance which was also in New York with Johnny Carson.

Jack White gave a performance.

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