Suits Season 4 Premiere on USA: Preview & Live Stream

There are so many things that USA Network’s Suits does well, punchy dialogue, lush sets, and power plays to name a few, but the one problem the show had was dealing with the secret of Mike Ross not being a real lawyer. The first two seasons of the show were able to squeeze tons of tension over Mike’s deception with Harvey, the master litigator and Mike’s mentor, always finding out a way to keep his protege out of trouble. That worked for two seasons, but by the third season the threat was beginning to feel like the boy who cried Wolf. Mike couldn’t be exposed because it would be the end of the entire show, so the suspense over him being unmasked was cloudy at best.

For those reasons and more Suits decided to end the third season with Mike taking a job at an investment firm, and leaving Harvey and the firm. This is like splitting up Batman and Robin, but it creates a new dynamic to the show. We finally get to see Mike take on Harvey in a one on one setting. And don’t think Louis Litt, a character that deserves a wider audience, isn’t going to relish helping Harvey beat up on Mike. The Mike vs. Harvey battle is the backbone of season four.

All of the promos for season 4 highlight the new battle on the horizon.

Date: Wednesday, June 11th
Episode Title: One-Two-Three Go
Start Time: 9:00 pm ET
Watch: USA
Online Stream:

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