The Challenge Free Agents Episode 10 Talk to the Hand: Preview & Live Stream

Who could have predicted that the women’s side of The Challenge: Free Agents would produce more intrigue and excitement in their elimination rounds than the men? The men’s side is pretty well defined, with older vets like CT, Johnny Bananas, and Zach running the roost. Except for a small blip when Jordan decided to challenge Bananas, there hasn’t been much suspense on the men’s side. Meanwhile every week there’s a new battle to the death for the ladies.

Cara Maria has personally dispatched nearly half of the women this season already, but last week’s elimination might have been one round too far. In the end of her battle with Jessica she appeared to injure her wrist. We don’t know yet how severe the injury is, but not even her supposed best friend Laurel is cutting her slack. Laurel has had an interesting run this season on The Challenge. She’s always carried herself as the alpha female, but her union with Jordan (another person who isn’t afraid to love himself in public) pushed her ego over the edge. It appears that the only thing Laurel can’t handle are emotions.

In this preview Johnny tries to let Laurel in on the way she’s being perceived by the group. In classic Laurel fashion she barely registers the conversation.

Now according to MTV here is what we can expect from the episode.

Two tough females are pitted against each other in an epic elimination round.

Could we be headed for a Laurel vs. Cara Maria elimination battle? It’s like Laurel is trying to be the biggest heel on the show.

Date: Thursday, June 12th
Episode Title: Talk to the Hand
Start Time: 10:00 pm ET
Watch: MTV
Online Stream:

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