Hell's Kitchen Season 12 '8 Chefs Compete': Preview & Live Stream

With only 8 chefs left on Fox’s Hell’s Kitchen, there’s no place to hide from the sharp comments of Gordon Ramsay. Each team now has a core 4 left, which makes finger pointing an impossibility. It’s the perfect time for Gordon to ramp up the pressure. Tonight’s all new episode features the classic blind taste test, always a fun segment of the show. It’s another moment for the show to laugh at the contestants as they misidentify cucumbers and mustard. Of course Hell’s Kitchen isn’t like other food competition shows, like Top Chef. The point isn’t to find a culinary talent, but to laugh at the inept chefs.

Here’s the episode synopsis for tonight’s all new Hell’s Kitchen.

The remaining contestants face the blind taste test, with the winning team getting an ice skating lesson with figure skater Rachael Flatt; the contestants struggle to stay organized during the dinner service.

One other difference in the show is the use of the two nameless mentor chefs that help Ramsay keep the teams in line. Most of the time the contestants are completely reverential towards the two, in the same way they are towards Ramsay. However tonight one of the chefs tries his luck at pushing back at the kitchen overlords. That’s one way to get sent home. Check out a brief glimpse of the altercation in the preview for tonight’s episode.

Date: Thursday, June 12th
Episode Title: 8 Chefs Compete
Start Time: 8:00 pm ET
Watch: Fox
Online Stream: Fox.com

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