Hodor from Game of Thrones on Family Feud (Video)

The official start of summer happens this Sunday when HBO’s Game of Thrones ends its 4th season. Then viewers are really on their own for a few weeks. However it’s not just us lonely viewers who are looking to branch out. According to this hilarious video from Jimmy Kimmel Live, the lovable giant Hodor is looking to expand his profile by appearing on an episode of Family Feud. Hodor might not be the best partner for the Steve Harvey game show, but we can lets fans of the show be the judge of that. Check out the video below of Hodor playing the all important bonus round of the game show.

Hodor is portrayed by the actor Kristian Nairn, and is without a doubt a fan favorite. The season finale should have at least one more moment with Bran and Hodor before the episode ends. We need to know where those two are headed beyond the Wall. In case you didn’t know already the Family Feud video that the show used was an epic loss by a family.

Jimmy Kimmel Live has been on a great run since the start of the NBA Finals. ABC makes a smart decision to air a 30 minute Kimmel special every night there is a Finals game. It not only allows Jimmy to reach an entirely new audience, but also serves as a display of the show’s creativity.

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