'Suits' Gina Torres Talks Jessica's Season 4 Love Interest

Things are about to heat up this season on Suits.

Last week on the Suits‘ season premiere, it was revealed that Pearson Spector leading lady Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres) is involved in a secret relationship with SEC prosecutor Jeff Malone  (D.B. Woodside). When Malone is assigned with investigating Pearson Spector, Malone leverages his position into a job at the law firm in hopes of spending more time with Jessica. However, Jessica agrees to hire Malone, but only if they end their relationship.

In an interview with TV Guide, Torres discusses Jessica’s season four romance, something she feels should finally be happening:

“It’s about time! I’ve been waiting patiently for four seasons. [Creator Aaron Korsh and I] had been talking about a love interest for Jessica for a couple of seasons. It was really important that when that happened that it be the right guy, a guy who’s worthy of Jessica. You wait so long to see something happen. Whenever I did an interview, every time I discussed her life, people who had been watching — so little was known about Jessica, but they did know that whoever steps to her has definitely got to be a formidable person.

I hope they last! Maybe that’s just me, Gina Torres, talking because I love a good love story. It’s time she got a love story. That doesn’t mean we won’t have conflict. We’re not afraid of this love story. It’s also ‘be careful what you ask for.’ I think he’s gonna see a side of her that he wasn’t expecting and they’re going to have to figure out what that means. I think, quite frankly, Jessica is an expert at relationships. If she can put up with Harvey and Louis and find places in her heart for Mike Ross, why wouldn’t she find room in her life for Jeff if this is the type of thing that she wants and believes in?”

However with every relationship on Suits, there are always new struggles and hurdles Suits‘ couples must face. Expect things to get even more complicated when US Attorney Eric Woodall takes over the task of investigating Pearson Spector, which will undoubtedly put a strain on Jessica’s relationship Malone.

Another shocking twist that will be explored in tonight’s new episode is the revelation that Rachel (Meghan Markle) had an affair with Logan Sanders (Brendan Hines), Harvey’s (Gabriel Macht) client who is going up against Mike (Patrick J Adams) in the Gillis takeover bid. After revealing her past with Sanders to Mike last week, Rachel is now faced with the decision of coming clean to Harvey or keeping the secret between herself and Mike.

Make sure to tune in to Suits tonight at 9/8c on USA to find out Rachel’s decision and to see how Jessica & Malone’s relationship changes now that he is a member of Pearson Spector.

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