'Big Brother' Season 16 Cast Revealed

After a week of announcements including the big twist(s) of the season, CBS has finally revealed the 16 houseguests competing this summer on Big Brother!

16 new faces will enter the Big Brother house this season, competing for the $500,000 grand prize including a self proclaimed con-artist, an Iraqi prison guard, a 2014 Seventeen Magazine “Hot Guy Panelist,” a minister, a Maxim magazine model, and the brother of actress, singer Ariana Grande.

Without further adieu, here are the season 16 Big Brother houseguest. Note: All contestant bios are courtesy of CBS.



Amber Borzotra loves to play pranks on people. Being raised by a single mother in low income housing has taught her what it’s like to struggle, and she will stop at nothing to win the money so she can help her mother.



Brittany Martinez is a mother of three who once faked labor to get out of a speeding ticket. She recently started dating again after 8 years of marriage.



Caleb Reynolds joined the army after high school and was a prison guard in Iraq. He and his family run a hunting business, and his favorite movie is The Notebook.



Christine Brecht once threw a surprise birthday party for a homeless man in the park, was in a hot air balloon accident in high school, but only walked away with bruises. She has been to Disneyland more than 50 times.



Cody Calafiore is a Seventeen Magazine “2014 Hot Guy Panelist,” where he gives young female readers advice on dating and fashion. He was drafted to a pro soccer team in college, but was cut from the team after getting injured. Chick flicks are his guilty pleasure.



Derrick Levasseur attended college on a full ride baseball scholarship and got his master’s degree in Business Management. He’s been a Police Sergeant for 10 years after starting as an undercover officer when he was only 20 years old.



Devin Shepherd is a former professional baseball player who used to play for the St. Louis Cardinals. He was 6 feet 2 inches tall by the time he was 12 years old



Donny Thompson is a small town guy whose claim to fame is that he was the janitor at Kelly Pickler’s high school. He’s never been on a plane. He may look like a hunter, but he hates killing animals.



Frankie Grande is a former Broadway actor who is now a popular YouTube sensation with over 175,000 subscribers and nearly 10,000,000 views. His sister is the multi-platinum selling pop singer Ariana Grande.



Hayden Voss is a Pedi Cab driver who recently moved to Los Angeles without knowing a soul. This self-described “Player” plans on using his “surfer dude” exterior to his advantage while in the Big Brother house.



Jocasta Odom is a minister who once got into an argument with a church goer for complaining about her not wearing panty hose. She would swear on the bible to win the game of Big Brother and plays pranks on her husband when she’s angry with him.



Joey Van Pelt was her high school’s mascot (a tiger), homecoming queen and senior class president. She has very liberal views, a strong stance on recycling and once even traveled the San Juan Islands helping terminally ill patients with end of life care.



Nicole Franzel has dreamt of moving into the BIG BROTHER house since she was 8 years old and would love to have a showmance with someone like Ian.



Paola Shea is a Maxim magazine girl who is also a top ranked female gamer and is determined to become the best female DJ in the world after making a splash in the electronic music scene a couple of years ago.



Raised by orthodox Israeli parents, Victoria Rafaeli is expected to live at home until she’s married, and once even rejected a public marriage proposal. She started her own photography business when she was only 19 years old, without any formal training.



A self-described “con artist,” Zach Rance recently earned his Economics Degree. His best friend is his 10 year-old brother and someday he wants to be a professional caddy.

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Big Brother returns for its 16th season Wednesday, June 25 at 8/7c on CBS.

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