The Challenge: Free Agents Episode 11 The $350,000 Pyramid: Preview & Live Stream

For the past few weeks The Challenge: Free Agents has been following the collapse of the friendship between Laurel and Cara Maria. The two contestants spent the early parts of the season as best friends, but the last few episodes have chronicled the slow erosion of trust between the two of them. One of the final straws was Laurel telling Cara Maria to shut up. Laurel acts like a person who can’t be friends with others. Then when Cara Maria found herself once again in a elimination round, the only person rooting against her was Laurel. Cara ended up breaking her hand, and winning, but her friendship with Laurel was obviously damaged.

Tonight’s all new episode, titled The $350,000 Pyramid, features the final showdown between Laurel and Cara Maria. They’ve been pitted against each other in an elimination challenge that will test Cara’s broken hand. Contestants will have to punch holes in a wall in order to create hand and foot holes. First person to climb to the top and ring a bell wins. Cara Maria wants to win, but she’d be an underdog even if completely healthy. Check out the preview of TJ laying out the rules for the wall climb.

According to the MTV episode synopsis, the final challenge kicks off right after the elimination.

The players face another elimination in Chile before the final; the challenge begins in rough rapids.

Date: Thursday, June 19th
Episode Title: The $350,000 Pyramid
Start Time: 10:00 pm ET
Watch: MTV
Online Stream:

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