Preview the Final Season of HBO's True Blood

Before we actually begin to consider the last season of HBO’s vampire hit, True Blood, we have to review where we left off. It wasn’t pretty, but it did set things up for an interesting last look at our favorite characters.

Rather than go back and look at the times the series wandered way off of the beaten path, let’s focus on the characters we have spent time with for 6 seasons. Let’s get back to Sookie, Jason, Bill, Eric, Tara, Sam, Lafayette, Arlene, Andy, Pam, and Alcide. Sure, there are more, but these are characters we’ve invested in for a long time.

The last episode of Season 6 began with the vampires in the sun for the first time since they were turned. This was due to some weird magic blood crappy storyline that briefly made Bill into some kind of God. Eric had disappeared and Pam left Tara to go look for him. Bill was in a snit because he no longer had his God-like powers. He was only slightly less obnoxious than usual. Sookie was nearly married off to a vampire/fairy hybrid to ensure the survival of the vampires. Then the magic blood wore off and the vampires couldn’t enjoy the sun anymore. And the only one anybody remembers is Eric Northman naked on a snowy mountaintop in a lounger with a book getting a really bad sunburn, providing brief full frontal nudity, and bursting into flames.

Halfway through the episode we all did the Time Warp and ended up six months in the future. Somehow Sam Merlotte went from bar owner to Mayor, Sookie is canoodling with Alcide, vampires and humans are forming partnerships to avoid spreading the Hep V infection. Bill is the bestselling author of a book about his God experience. (He seems as smarmy as ever.) Jason is Violet’s love slave because she is probably the only being on earth that hasn’t put out for him after knowing him for ten minutes.

We don’t know Eric’s fate. His literal “flash and burn” goes unexplained. That is one of the biggest questions hanging over the heads of True Blood fans. A last season without Eric seems wrong. Many of you consider the bottom line of pretty much everything to be, “Will Sookie end up with Bill or Eric?” Sure, she’s with Alcide now… but does anybody believe that’s where she’ll stay? I actually think a lot of fans want Sookie with Bill because he was her first vampire love. Ew. Sorry. I have thought from day one that she belonged with Sam. Even if they both deny it.

Beyond the romantic/sexual relationships, the focus will most likely be on the Hep V rabid zombie vampires that are running loose, threatening to turn Bon Temps into a great big blood-swilling Walking Dead. I don’t know about you, but as long as our favorites work together to fight the nasties, I’m looking forward to it. And I want Eric back.

What do you want for True Blood? Well, I plan to keep telling you what I want, so come on… comment away. The end is near.

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