'Community' Season 6: Hulu Will Not Revive 'Community'

Community‘s goal for #SixSeasons&AMovie just got hit with yet another setback.

TVLine is reporting that Hulu has “abandoned talks to acquire the cult comedy.” After NBC canceled the comedy series back in May, rumors quickly hit the internet that Community was being shopped around at other media outlets in hopes of keeping the series around.

Shortly after its cancelation, reports were released stating that Sony Pictures TV (the studio behind Community) were in preliminary talks to bring the series to online streaming site, Hulu. With Hulu choosing not to revive the series, Sony Pictures TV is now faced with finding a home for the series with before the June 30 deadline (when the cast’s contracts expire), which is only days away.

Sony Pictures TV has a very successful track record with bringing back canceled series, and the company is still very passionate about finding a new home for Community. A source close the series hinted to TVLine that there is still another possible “player” in the mix and Sony is still fighting for the show’s survival:

“Sony does not give up easily. A lot can happen in one week.”

Past Sony Pictures TV success stories include Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva and CBS’ Unforgettable, both which have aired multiple seasons since their revivals from cancelation.

Who do you think is the mystery “player” in talks to revive Community?  Share your theories in the comments section below.

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