Celebrity Wife Swap - Judy Gold & Penn Jillette: Preview & Live Stream

ABC’s Celebrity Wife Swap is a reality show whose quality varies greatly dependent on that week’s casting. The relationship between the new families, and the personalities of the celebrities can make or break the episode. Tonight’s all new swap features two celebrities that know how to make an audience laugh and stay engaged with their performances.

On one hand we have the hilarious and totally neurotic comedian, Judy Gold. Gold is the unabashed liberal mother of two teenage boys. She lives in New York City with her sons and her fiance, Elysa. From the promos for the show it appears that Gold practices two things in her home; Judaism and chaos. Celebrity Wife Swap is a perfect venue for Gold. She’s ballsy, opinionated, and willing to open up for the cameras. She’s perfect for reality TV. The biggest problem Gold has is that she’s never been given a real chance to gel with viewers. I wouldn’t be surprised if the stint on Celebrity Wife Swap convinced another network to shoot a reality show about the Gold family.

On the other side of the equation tonight is a Celebrity that can literally stand eye to eye with Judy Gold. Penn Jillette is best known for being one half of the legendary magic duo Penn and Teller, but he’s proven to be so much more during his multiple reality show appearances. Penn was the only reason to watch his season of the Celebrity Apprentice. He’s full of original ideas and concepts. It is Penn’s originality that will make his time on Celebrity Wife Swap so memorable. Just like Judy Gold, Penn has a deep belief in religion, except his belief structure is atheism.

What’s going to happen when these two titans of comedy swap wives? Total chaos. Check out the preview below for tonight’s Celebrity Wife Swap.

Comic Judy Gold’s fiancee, Elysa, trades lives with Emily, illusionist Penn Jillette’s wife.

Even if you’ve never seen an episode of Celebrity Wife Swap, check out tonight’s installment with Judy Gold and Penn Jillette. With the amount of comedic talent those two have together the swap is guaranteed to bring the laughs.

Date: Tuesday, July 1st
Episode Title: Celebrity Wife Swap; Judy Gold & Penn Jillette
Start Time: 10:00 pm ET
Watch: ABC
Online Stream: ABC.com

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