Grading the Big Brother 16 Houseguests

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The Big Brother 16 houseguests are repulsive, egotistical, ignorant, crude, and dumb. It’s going to be a great season. Viewers don’t tune into Big Brother for heart warming storylines about overcoming adversity. It’s all about watching the 16 houseguests tear each other apart. There’s a reason relationships on the show are referred to as “shomances”. Even love is a weapon on Big Brother. This cast features a plethora of terrible personalities. There a character for everyone to despise. Hate liberals? We got a real preachy one of them for you to root against. Hate rednecks? How about a guy who describes himself as a hunter with an ego the size of his home state of Kentucky. The show has got one of those too.

We’ve met all 16 of them now, and it is more than fair to form some quick grades after a week of first impressions. Here’s a look at each new houseguest and their overall chances to win Big Brother 16.

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