Who Will Win the 1st Veto Competition of Big Brother 16

The first week of CBS’ hit summer reality show Big Brother is always like the first week of sleep away camp. The new houseguests spend the first few days getting to know each other. There’s always the immediate formations of alliances that never go the distance, and the first sparks of shomances begin. The real tension and suspense of the Big Brother house actually begins once the first nominations are announced. That is the moment the houseguests realize that nothing is really as it seems inside the walls of the house.

Tonight is the first Veto competition of the season. After losing the first ever Battle of the Block, Donny and Paola are the  in the hot seat. Their last chance for safety is tonight’s Veto comp. Only the most cynical of BB fan wouldn’t be rooting for Donny to win tonight’s Veto. Donny is the simple and kind groundskeeper who is just happy to be in the house. While most people are plotting eliminations, Donny seems content to be apart of all the action. It is too easy for the house to vote out Donny if he loses. Besides Donny and Paola, the HOH Caleb will compete for Veto. The HOH will also draw houseguests name at random to compete along side him for Veto.

Here is the promo for tonight’s all important Veto from CBS.

Date: Wednesday, July 2nd
Episode Title: Big Brother Week 1 Veto Comp
Start Time: 8:00 pm ET
Watch: CBS
Online Stream: CBS.com

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