Hell's Kitchen Season 12 6 Chefs Compete on Fox: Preview & Live Stream

Gordon Ramsay has finally whittled down this season’s pool of Hell’s Kitchen chefs to the final 6. To signify the importance of the final six, Gordon handed out new black chef’s jackets to the blue and red team. Now the final group will become one team, and cook in the same kitchen. This not only raises the pressure, but also allows Gordon to focus all his attention on one area.

The final six remaining chefs are Jason, Scott, Joy, Kashia, Melanie, and Rochelle. After last week it appeared that Joy was the front runner heading into the final competitions. The sentimental favorite to win it all has to be Rochelle. She’s a chef without any actual line experience before coming to the show, yet she’s received some of the highest praise from Chef Ramsay. If Rochelle can keep her emotions together then she could be headed towards a finale showdown with Joy.

This week’s surprise challenge features the chefs taking on the world of tailgating. That means cooking outside on unreliable appliances. Should end up with some real disasters after this challenge. Take a look at the promo below for tonight’s tailgating adventure.

Here’s the complete episode synopsis from Fox.

The six remaining chefs receive their black jackets and prepare tailgate food for football fans; tempers flare during dinner service.

Date: Thursday, July 3rd
Episode Title: 6 Chefs Compete
Start Time: 8:00 pm ET
Watch: Fox
Online Stream: Fox.com

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