Real Housewives of New York City Season 6 Episode 18 Something to Sing About: Preview & Live Stream

The ladies of the Real Housewives of New York City are finally returning from their three episode journey to the big sky country of Montana, and they’re bringing the drama back with them to NYC. The trip was three straight episodes of Ramona crapping on the trip that Kristen planned. Ramona’s constant complaining definitely effected the group. Even Heather seemed to bristle under the boredom of the Montana itinerary. Now that the ladies are back in the city they can get back to their normal lives of gossiping about each other.

Of course being back in the city means Aviva is free to rejoin the show. In a shock to only Aviva, the rest of the cast is over her constant need to assert her phone book deep list of anxieties. Aviva backed out of the Montana trip over asthma. Because as any ear, nose, and throat doctor will tell you that nothing is better for asthma then staying in the city during the summer. Oh wait, that’s the exact opposite thing a medical professional would tell you. No wonder the rest of the cast is over Aviva.

Besides Aviva drama we have a new Housewife friendship to marvel at. Somehow Ramona and Kristen are now acting like best friends. Ramona might have thrown a glass of wine at Kristen a few times, but that all appears to be forgotten. In this preview Ramona invites Kristen to come with her and Sonja for some expensive spa treatments.

Then later the awkwardness of Kristen’s marriage is on display when the couple goes out to dinner with Heather and her husband.

If Kristen is enough then stay tuned for a showdown between Ramona and LuAnn. The group is at an open mike and Ramona decides that LuAnn must sing. When the countess turns down the offer to be on stage it sets off the Ramona-coaster.

Check out the complete episode synopsis below from Bravo.

When the girls return from Montana, Aviva learns her illness has been the butt of everyone’s jokes and decides she needs a break from the group. Ramona’s husband Mario is slated to perform at an open mic night at Birdland, one of NYC’s most iconic Jazz bars. Heather and LuAnn are also slated to sing, but when LuAnn backs out, Ramona flies off the handle. Kristen cooks dinner for Josh in an attempt to lure him home on a more regular basis. When he shows up late, a tense argument reveals some deeper problems in their relationship.

Date: Tuesday, July 8th
Episode Title: Something to Sing About
Start Time: 9:00 pm ET
Watch: Bravo
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