Sherri Shepherd Explains Her Departure From The View (Video)

With Barbara Walters exiting The View for retirement, the show is poised to undergo a massive facelift. Part of the plastic surgery is cleaning house. News broke recently that the show wasn’t renewing the contracts of long time host Sherri Shepherd and new girl Jenny McCarthy. Only the shows anchor, the EGOT winning Whoopi Goldberg, would return for the next season. The decision to jettison McCarthy and Shepherd is purely business.

McCarthy never really gelled on the show. Her bad girl antics, the stuff that made her famous on MTV’s Singled Out, were bottled up on the show. McCarthy even sported nerdy glasses to raise her gravitas, but it never really worked. It isn’t a shock that she only lasted one year. Sherri Shepherd’s departure wasn’t as obvious, but makes perfect sense. Shepherd hasn’t ever been able to carry the show on her own, unless she is making inane comments about her belief system. Sherri said her goodbye to The View yesterday, and she wants everyone to know that leaving is her decision. That’s one way to make people think you weren’t fired.

Check out the video below of Shepherd explaining that the decision to leave the show was entirely her idea. It might sound like a dumb idea, but Sheri wants everyone to know that she’s a massive star who is taking her ball and going home.

In honor of Sherri’s departure here is her greatest moment from the show. No one brought the stupid better than Sherri.

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