Welcome to Sweden Series Premiere on NBC: Preview & Live Stream

Amy Poehler is the justifiably the face of comedy on NBC. Parks and Recreation remains the networks best example of old school NBC Must See TV comedy. With Parks about to launch their final season NBC is on the hunt for their next comedy franchise. It shouldn’t be a shock then that the network is looking towards another Poehler for sitcom gold. This time it is Amy’s brother Greg Poehler in the spotlight with his new show Welcome to Sweden. Greg is the creator and star of the show, premiering tonight on NBC, that follows his character Bruce moving to his girlfriend’s native homeland.

The show is going to do for Sweden what Northern Exposure did for the state of Alaska. The country itself is a stand alone character on the show.

Here’s the complete episode description.

Bruce Evans quits his job as a celebrity accountant in New York to move to Sweden with the love of his life, Emma. Already on his first day he has to face new challenges in his adopted country, and above all, he has to meet his girlfriend’s strange family. Bruce arrives at the airport where Emma picks him up; as she has rented out her apartment during her time in the USA, they now have to stay with her family until they can find a new place to live

Date: Thursday, July 10th
Episode Title: Welcome to Sweden Series Premiere
Start Time: 9:00 pm ET
Watch: NBC
Online Stream: NBC.com

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