Weird Al is 'Tacky' in his new 'Happy' Parody (Video)

Weird Al Yankovic has been the clown prince of music for over 30 years now. A true sign of celebrity for musical acts is a Weird Al parody. Before YouTube and the web allowed anyone to make a video, Weird Al was the only performer poking at our musical idols. Each of his new videos helped to make MTV into must-see TV for Generation X. He turned Michael Jackson’s classic song “Beat it” into an ode to the beauty of food in “Eat it”. Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” was smartly converted into the world of medicine with his “Like a Surgeon”. After Weird Al gets done with a song, you can never think of it the same way.

For his newest song Weird Al has turned his sights towards the world-wide smash hit “Happy” by Pharrell Williams. The song, and the happy go luck video were ripe for parody, and Al doesn’t disappoint. He’s completely “Tacky” and not afraid to tell the world about it in this post on Check out the video below that is chock full of celebrity cameos from Jack Black, Eric Stonestreet, Aisha Tyler and more.

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