Hell's Kitchen Season 12 4 Chefs Compete on Fox: Preview & Live Stream

With only 4 chefs remaining in the hunt for this year’s title of Hell’s Kitchen champion, now is the time for Gordon Ramsay to really see what the contestants can handle. Gordon is going to throw the chefs into the deep end early as he asks them to recreate one of his more complicated entrees. That challenge is magnified when the chefs are surprised by visits from their loved ones. Then during dinner service each chef will get a chance to expedite food in the kitchen. Calling out food orders appears easy, but not when the people you are ordering around are your competition.

In the preview below Melanie has some conflicts when she attempts to give the other chefs their marching orders. Not being able to expedite the food orders properly is a big strike against any of the finalists.

Only 2 out of the final 4 will reach the Hell’s Kitchen season finale, and get a shot at becoming an executive chef at a Ramsay restaurant. A double elimination leaves little room for mistakes. The smart money is on Scott and Rochelle being the last two standing after tonight’s dinner service.

Here’s the episode description of tonight’s episode from Fox.

The finalists are treated to a surprise when their loved ones visit

Date: Thursday, July 17th
Episode Title: 4 Chefs Compete
Start Time: 8:00 pm ET
Watch: Fox
Online Stream: Fox.com

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