Welcome to Sweden Recap: 'Learn the Language/Spraket'

Two words about yesterday’s episode of ‘Welcome to Sweden‘: Will. Ferrell.

The episode begins in Bruce’s new Swedish class. He claims to be Canadian after a former civil engineer from Iran goes off on a tirade about how the American bombs destroyed his life. Bruce evidently knows nothing about Canada, because all he can tell the man is that he’s from the “border.” He earns the man’s sympathy for having to live so close to those American bastards.

Emma, of course, is very encouraging about Bruce’s language-learning attempts. She is also someone who thinks that servicing your boyfriend in your parents’ kitchen is a good idea, or at least not a bad one. You saw this joke coming a mile away: the whole family walks in on Bruce with pants down, though luckily boxers still up. Gustav takes a picture with his phone.

Bruce commits another faux pas when he turns down Viveka’s cinnamon buns. He says he hates cinnamon. Viveka and Birgir commence to discuss whether it’s possible to hate a spice. You can hate Hitler, but how can you hate cinnamon? The only word Bruce picks up on is “Hitler.” It’s okay, though, because Gustav comes to the table and announces that he’s opening a reggae club, and can some of Bruce’s celebrity friends invest a couple million dollars?

Later that night, Bruce tells Emma that Will Ferrell is in Sweden and wants to have coffee. Bruce is not excited about this because no one ever wants “just” coffee. There’s always some other request involved. Emma wants something from Bruce, and that something breaks the bed, which brings the parents in again.

In an effort to get some alone time, Emma tries to convince her parents to go to the movies. Viveka says they haven’t been to the movies since they saw Ghostbusters, so decades. It doesn’t seem likely that they’ll up and go now.

Luckily, it’s time for coffee with Will Ferrell. Did you know his wife is Swedish? She is, but a different actress plays the wife of “Will Ferrell.” He speaks perfect Swedish, naturally, and says it’s the least you can do for the person you love the most in the world. “Will” lists the things about Sweden he loves: picking blueberries, outhouses, a year off if you have a baby. Even if you don’t have a baby! “Will” also gives Bruce a cassette tape (yes, a cassette tape) to help him learn Swedish. It features the sexiest voice Bruce has ever heard, and now we know what really motivated Will to learn so fast. Bruce can have it, for the low price of sifting through a giant box of tax documents.

Turns out that cinnamon thing is pretty serious, though, because after Bruce eats some at Will’s house, he has to go to the outhouse for a really long time. Meanwhile, Emma is wearing lingerie and trying to find a sexy pose on Gustav’s bunk bed. Gustav isn’t there because he went with his mom to get “reggae stuff.” Once Bruce finishes in the bathroom, though, he can’t concentrate on Emma. Her father is right outside the window. Literally, right there, asking Bruce if he can come help with something in the yard.

Bruce and Emma are one again thwarted in their attempts to get it on that night, as they are sleeping on the bottom bunk and Gustav is on the top. Awkward. Also, Bruce blows it when he tells Emma that her voice isn’t as sexy as the one on the Swedish tape. Way to go, Bruce.

Emma is trying really hard to get her rental company to let her move into her apartment before her lease begins, but they aren’t budging. Fortunately, Viveka is willing to put the kids up on the sofa bed. Hopefully they have learned their lesson about trying to have special bonding time anywhere in that house. They haven’t, but Bruce at least wants Emma to make sure her parents are in bed. They are, acting out a little fantasy of their own. So it’s off the hotel for Bruce and Emma. Too bad, because it seems like the more people you put in the house, the funnier it is.

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