True Blood 'Lost Cause' Review: Party On...

As in the early seasons, the focus was on the characters in this week’s True Blood. It was great to see everyone together (all species in Sookie’s house!) and actually celebrating life. But…

Unless Bill’s wife and kids were somehow “turned” and he doesn’t know about it and they are going to show up, I don’t want to see any more of his flashbacks. Where Pam and Eric’s were fun and interesting, Bill’s are somber and sad. Oh, and irrelevant to every scene he is in. He’s at a party and remembering trying to escape the Civil War as a deserter? What does that have to do with anything at all? Nothing. So, shut up already.

At least Jason and Jess are where they belong and Lafayette finally has someone. Now Violet is surely going to be a vindictive bitch, but hopefully she won’t kill Jason. But since this has become Game of Blood, who knows?

Bill is infected. We saw him drink from Sookie. Is she a carrier or has he been sampling a tasting menu elsewhere? I was hoping her blood might be an antidote to the virus. Hmmmm.

Eric and Pam were hilarious at the convention in Texas. I have missed their banter. Pam is back on point with every beautiful, sarcastic word out of her mouth. Thank goodness. Sook was appropriately vacillating between somber and drunk at the party; Arlene seems taken with a new boy toy; and Andy finally proposed to Holly. There was a lot of happy in the episode.

Why do I feel like we are going to pay for this very, very soon?

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