Real Housewives of New York City Season 6 Finale The Last Leg: Preview & Live Stream

Last week’s episode of Bravo’s Real Housewives of New York City played with the idea that romance had finally landed in NYC. Sonja Morgan, she of the commando style with support by dead eye interns, appeared to reach a major milestone with her on and off again boyfriend Harry. Harry, Aviva’s velvet tux wearing ex-husband, made things official by giving Sonja a ring during the party. Finally everything is coming up roses for Sonja. However the joy only lasted three minutes in Bravo time.

Sonja ran off to show her ring to Ramona and the ladies, but Harry wasn’t done flirting. We barely saw Harry speak in subtitled conversation with LuAnn. Harry and LuAnn used to date, so harmless flirting couldn’t hurt anyone, right? Sonja goes to look for Harry and finds out that he and LuAnn left the party together. Scandalous. Now Sonja is going to spend much tonight’s season finale trying to get to the bottom of the love triangle between her, Harry, and LuAnn.

Sonja isn’t the only source of drama tonight. Aviva is back after sitting out the last few episodes, and she’s got an axe to grind. Aviva is sick of people thinking she’s faking her plethora of anxieties. That means trouble for the rest of the ladies. Check out the drama created in this preview when the ladies find out that Aviva and the group will once again be crossing paths.

Meanwhile new cast member Kristen continues to put her marriage front and center on the show. This time she’s agreed to model for her husband, the constantly busy entrepreneur. He needs a model for a billboard campaign, and his wife is ready to help.

After being swooned and then ditched at Carole’s birthday party, Sonja must confront both Harry and LuAnn about their alleged “night together.” Meanwhile, Kristen pulls some matrimonial strings to get a modeling job. Then, when Aviva returns to the group for the first time in weeks — insults, accusations, and body parts fly in an epic season-ending confrontation.

Viewers who are waiting to hear about Ramona’s separation from her husband Mario will have to wait until the show’s reunion for that topic to pop up. Ramona has spent tons of time telling viewers about how perfect her love life is, and I doubt she’ll ever admit that Mario and her have issues. She’s already reconciled with him, so expect her to play off all the cheating drama as simple indiscretion.

Date: Tuesday, July 22nd
Episode Title: The Last Leg
Start Time: 9:00 pm ET
Watch: Bravo
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