Jensen Ackles Talks 'Supernatural' Season 10

Time to break out the Holy water!

When The CW’s hit drama Supernatural returns this fall for its tenth season, fans of the long-running series will see a very new side of Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles): Demon Dean.

When we last left Dean, everyone’s favorite creature slayer was turned into a demo as a result of the Mark of Cain. So what’s next for Dean as he enters a new demonic chapter in his journey: partying in Vegas with the King of Hell himself.

In a recent interview with TVLine, Ackles previews that Dean’s new demonic side will be the ultimate party animal, who just happens to be kicking back with the King of Hell, taking the character in a new uncharted direction:

Well, we have a slightly different version of Dean. A little bit of time has passed [at the start of Season 10], and he is a demon version of himself, out running amok with Crowley. It’s interesting because, over the past nine years, Dean has always been kind of a constant. Sam has really been the one that’s been possessed or [had] the demon blood or [been] soulless. There’s been a lot of different variations on the character of Sam, but Dean’s always been the steady, the constant. So to have that now change, and Dean is now an alternate version of himself, is exciting. It’s challenging, and it adds a unique element to the beginning of the season that we haven’t seen before.

[Demonic Dean is] like an ultra version of a womanizing party animal. He’s out partying in Vegas with the King of Hell, he’s got backstage passes and he doesn’t give a sh-t about anything. That’s essentially what we’re going to see.”

So will Dean wake up and stop his demonic ways or will the perks of joining the dark side be too good for Dean to turn back from? For the answer to that question you’ll have to to tune in when Supernatural returns Wednesday, October 7.


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