'David Bowie: Five Years' on Showtime: Preview

David Bowie remains one of the more intriguing figures in rock music thanks to his chameleon like ability to completely change his public profile from album to album. Whether he’s the space rocker Ziggy Stardust or the man in the snappy suit in the “Fame” video, he’s always an original. Tonight’s must see program is Showtime’s David Bowie: Five Years. The all new documentary features a new look at the five most important years in Bowie’s career. He’s an artist who’s influence has been felt in fashion, music, and modern art. Tonight’s special is a look behind the curtain at the controlled chaos that drove Bowie to become one of the biggest musical icons of the past 40 years.

Here’s the complete description of the documentary from Showtime.

An intimate documentary spanning five key years in David Bowie’s music career, featuring a wealth of unseen footage and charting the star’s continual evolution through various roles, making him an icon of our times. This portrait explores Bowie’s regeneration in Berlin, and his numerous critical triumphs, and features interviews with all of his closest collaborators.

Date: Friday, August 1st
Episode Title: David Bowie: Five Years
Start Time: 9:00 pm ET
Watch: Showtime
Online Stream: Sho.com

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