Real Housewives of Orange County Season 9 Episode 16: Preview & Live Stream

It is fabulous travel time for the ladies of Bravo’s Real Housewives of Orange County, and that means high drama is on tap. The ladies are headed for Bali, but there’s a solid bet that it won’t a trip devoted to learning about Hinduism. This season has been highly contentious with new housewife Shannon in the middle of all the yelling. Shannon is so fed up with Heather that she stormed out of Lizzie’s beach dinner to show how out of control Heather is. That strategy didn’t work out so well, but now Shannon and Heather are going to attempt to bury the hatchet during the group trip. Not the best place for two volatile personalities to heal.

These trips are normally headlined by party animal Vicki. Vicki, inventor of the “Woo-Hoo” and leader of dancing on bars, actually hits a wall on this trip. In this preview clip Vicki appears to have ingested some bad water, and needs the car pulled over immediately. It’s a full fledged Vicki emergency.

Vicki vomiting on the side of the road is just an appetizer to the fireworks later in the show when the group begins to discuss Shannon’s blowout at Lizzie’s party. Shannon was upset that Heather was talking about her mariage, but the only reason she knew about it was because Tamra told her. Tamra, in typical style, acts totally oblivious in starting the fight. In this clip Vicki leads the ladies to confront Tamra, and set the record straight.

Here’s the complete episode description from Bravo.

Balinese bliss becomes a rumble in the jungle when the ladies set out on a trip to Bali. Heather and Shannon hope for peace and relaxation, but things escalate when Shannon gets some shocking news. Meanwhile, Vicki hears about a scandalous statement allegedly made at the Valentine’s Day dinner and Lizzie reveals her true thoughts about Tamra.

Date: Monday, August 4th
Episode Title: Bali Highs and Lows
Start Time: 9:00 pm ET
Watch: Bravo
Online Stream:

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