Deadliest Catch Season 10 Finale on Discovery Channel: Preview & Live Stream

Mother Nature doesn’t work on a production schedule. Producers of Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch know that first hand. However they must have been giddy to find out that a powerful arctic hurricane was bearing down on to the fleet because inclement weather always causes drama on the Bering Sea. Tonight’s two hour season finale features the entire fleet trying to wrap up fishing season in the face of nature’s best punches.

Last week’s episode featured a crab fleet completely in flux. The honeymoon on the Cornelia Marie finally ran out for Josh Harris. Josh went down on deck to help the guys sort crab, and he let the experience color how he dealt with the crew. The best Captains always keep a bit of distance between the crew and the wheelhouse. A crab boat is more dictatorship than democracy, and a Captain has to keep absolute control on deck or lives could be at stake. Josh forgot for a moment that he’s now in charge of the boat, and not one of the guys. In this preview from tonight’s episode Josh and the crew of the Cornelia Marie are dealing with hurricane force winds that could rip the boat right off the dock lines, and send it crashing into the shoreline. Lucky for them Scotty Hillstrand is there to lend a helping hand. Call it one crab boat helping another.

Here’s the complete description of the two hour season finale from Discovery Channel. There’s life and death situations all over the crab fleet.

The finale to a season nominated for 4 primetime EMMY awards. An arctic hurricane strikes the fleet. Another boat battles to keep the Cornelia Marie from running aground and sinking. Blood is shed on the Time Bandit under Captain Johnathan’s watch. The Hansens and crew must fix the Northwestern in the worst of conditions. Captain Scott Campbell Jr. faces losing his boat. Elliott struggles to be reunited with his children. Zack puts his life on the line to keep the Cape Caution from exploding. The Wizard sews up a near perfect season for Captain Keith.

Captain Sig Hansen and the Northwestern continue to the gold standard of excellence on the Bering Sea. Watching the crew work with Sig’s daughter Mandy was a great lesson in how to treat Greenhorns, even is she got a little bit of preferential treatment as the Captain’s daughter. On the other edge of the spectrum is Captain Wild Bill. I have no doubt in Wild Bill’s capability as a Captain, but his people skills never seem up to par. His boats are constantly dealing with bickering and back stabbing. There isn’t anybody on Wild Bill’s boat who appears to enjoy the work. Bill’s son Zack appears to be a perpetual cloud of gloom.

Let’s hope everything works out for Captain Scott Campbell during the finale. Junior underwent major spinal fusion surgery which ended up derailing his fishing season. Unlike Elliott, who is constantly putting things like drugs and women ahead of fishing, Junior lives and breathes the open air of the Bering Sea. He deserves another chance to man the wheel and fill his crab quota.

Deadliest Catch might be wrapping up its 10th season, but the show still hasn’t lost a step. It continues to show viewers the nearly impossible life on a crab boat, and just why their jobs are considered the Deadliest Catch.

Date: Monday, August 5th
Episode Title: You’ll Know My Name is the Lord
Start Time: 9:00 pm ET
Watch: Discovery Channel
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