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Remote Rewind: The 'Big Bang,' the 'Beek' and the 'Bell' top week in TV

Television news breaks every day and it’s easy to miss important information about your favorite shows. Join us every week for “Remote Rewind” where we gather the top stories from the week all in one place…with a twist.

1) ‘The Big Bang Theory’ cast all sign deals; production resumes

Geeks rule…this just proves it.

2) James Van Der Beek joins ‘CSI: Cyber’

DO trust the “B”eek

3) Lifetime releases clip of ‘Saved By The Bell’ tell-all movie

And Screech goes further and further down the rabbit hole…maybe Zach Morris has a plan to help him out.

4) Geena Davis joins the cast of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Because why not? Wouldn’t be the oddest thing to happen at Seattle Grace Grey Sloan…whatever it’s called these days.

5) Kyle MacLachlan join ‘Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’

With MacLachlan on board the “Skye’s the limit….

6) ABC releases first look at ‘Frozen’ characters on ‘Once Upon A Time’

Won’t be the same without Olaf…

7) Comedy Central releases fall schedule

With a roster like ‘Key/Peele’ and ‘South Park’ you can see why the network remains popular

8) TV Land renews ‘Soul Man’ for fourth season

Cedric is a solid entertainer…this just keeps solidifying it.

9) ‘NCIS’ casts Adam Campbell  as young ‘Ducky’

Not to be confused with Jon Cryer’s Ducky from ‘Pretty In Pink’

10) Netflix reportedly readying for more ‘Arrested Development’

Frozen bananas for everyone!



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