Jaws Strikes Back Premiere Shark Week 2014 on Discovery: Preview

Discovery Channel’s Shark Week 2o14 is in full swing, and tonight’s lineup features a brand new way for viewers to experience the underwater world of sharks. With the advancements in cameras, think of the ubiquity of Go Pros, scientists are now using them in ways never done before. Jaws Strikes Back features a one of a kind underwater robot nicknamed REMUS that produces amazing visuals of shark strikes.

You’ve never seen sharks up close like this! With a groundbreaking robotic underwater vehicle, named the REMUS SharkCam, marine biologist Greg Skomal travels to the remote Pacific island of Guadalupe to film the hunting behavior of the largest great white sharks on Earth.

Following Jaws Strikes Back is a look at hammerheads, the most peculiar of the shark family. These reclusive animals are one of the least understood breeds of sharks, and in the special Monster Hammerhead a group of scientists try to establish whether or not the rumors of a 20 foot long hammerhead are true.

A team of scientists and anglers explore the waters of the world’s largest hammerheads to see if reports of a monster hammerhead clocking in at over 20 feet long could be true.

Date: Monday, August 11th
Episode Title: Jaws Strikes Back
Start Time: 9:00 pm ET
Watch: Discovery Channel
Online Stream: Discovery.com

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