Q&A with Josh Altman: Star of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles

Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, Bravo’s take on the hyper competitive world of LA real estate, returns this week for its 7th season premiere. For those who haven’t seen the show before it can best be described as House Hunters on steroids. The show follows some of the biggest real estate deals in the city with a style that is pure Bravo. One of the stars of the show, Josh Altman, could be considered the King of the LA jungle. He’s become an incredible force over the past few seasons on the show, culminating in the launch of his own real estate company The Altman Brothers. I got a chance to talk with Josh about what viewers can expect from the new season, how he grades out the show’s new cast members, and the challenge of having to plan a wedding in front of the cameras.

Hidden Remote: What was the biggest surprise for you this season on Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles?

Josh Altman: I think the most exciting and biggest surprise for the season is some new blood on the show, which I think was much needed. I think it’s exciting to have a new dynamic on the show. It’s always exciting to see different people’s selling styles . You got these two new guys on the show who are partners, and you get to see how they mix it up with Josh (Flagg) and I who are vets at this point. It’s nice and refreshing, and something the show needed.

HR: Getting the new blood on.

JA: Yeah the last guy was a little lame.

HR: Speaking about the 2 new guys David Parnes and James Harris, did you hold anything against them being British.

JA: (Laughs) No, not at all. I talk to British clients. If I had that accent maybe I would be able to sell more real estate. I think they’re nice guys. You will see they’ll get a couple of lessons learned from Josh Altman and they naturally want to come out swinging cause they’re the new guys, but very quickly they’ll be put in their place.

HR: What was more stressful this season? The lack of inventory in LA or planning a wedding in front of the cameras?

JA: Are you married?

HR: Yes, that’s why I’m able to ask that question.

JA: Well, there you go then. The planning of the wedding is 100 times more stressful. Listen, I’d rather negotiate with the most hardcore business man than with my lady.

HR: What was toughest part of planning it?

JA: Toughest part was making the time for it when both of us have a lot going on, and the show follows the ups and downs of planning a wedding.

HR: Speaking of your Wedding, will we be seeing any of the ceremony on the show?

JA: You got to tune in to see it. I don’t want to give away all the secrets.

HR: How did you get along with new cast members David Parnes and James Harris? Are they up to the Million Dollar Listings Los Angeles level?

JA: Well they aren’t up there at Josh Altman’s level, but last year they sold $90 million. I sold $200 million.  They are good agents though. Yes they are 100% up to the level to be at the show, but no they aren’t at my level.

HR: I was just trying to get you to say that. That’s all I wanted you to say that they weren’t at your level.

JA: Why didn’t you just say so.

HR: We’ve seen the rise of The Altman Brothers on the show. Any lessons you’ve learned about partnering in business with family?

JA: The Altman Brothers have been very successful because of the dynamic between my brother and I. Being able to argue, fight, disagree, and literally 30 mins later move on to bigger and better things. We don’t take anything personally. We have 100% trust which is important in any relationship or business relationship. We share everything so there’s never a money issue, and at the end of the day there’s nobody I’d rather be making more money than me than my brother. So it works out well. We play a good cop/bad cop like nobody else. People always say “what do you bring to the business?” I’m like Rainman when it comes to real estate. I know everything about houses and what they should be priced at. My brother is more like customer service. He can handle any client, no matter how difficult, and literally hold their hand through the entire process. Between the two of us it’s a slam dunk.

HR: Besides Million Dollar Listings LA, what do you consider Must See TV.

JA: I like watching shows I can learn from. I like Shark Tank, I’m friends with a lot of guys on that show. It’s fun because it’s a learning experience when you watch it. And I also like the Kardashians because they are my clients.

HR: So friends of yours are always on the dial, but say if I came over your place on a Sunday would you be watching Game of Thrones?

JA: No, I’d be watching football.

Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles premieres Wednesday, August 20th on Bravo.

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