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'Big Brother' Week 8 Power Rankings

Big Brother 16 is at its halfway point in the season, with only eight houseguest remaining in the fight for the $500,ooo grand prize. With eight weeks under their belts, the remaining houseguests have come a long way from when they first entered the Big Brother house earlier this summer.

As we head into tonight’s all important Power of Veto episode, I began to reflect on this season so far and who I believe is playing the best game at the halfway point in the season. I have ranked each remaining houseguest on a list from top to bottom, based on their gameplay from the first half of the season, and their current status in the Big Brother house. Factors swaying my rankings include overall gameplay and competition standings: Head of Households (HoHs), Power of Veto wins, Battle of the Block victories.

So which houseguest is ranked number one this week and who came in dead last (cough Victoria cough)? Check out the halfway power rankings below:

8. Victoria

It should really come to no surprise that Victoria comes in dead last on the halfway power ranking list. Victoria is the ultimate definition of a floater, as she drifts aimlessly through this season. Victoria’s one highlight this season has been her Battle of the Block victory with Caleb in week six to remove herself from the block an guarantee safety for the week.

Victoria’s only other major win came in a Power of Veto (PoV) competition where she only managed to claim the Veto because Caleb went for a quick payday taking a $5,000 reward over the veto. If Victoria does not manage to step up her game and win an HoH competition, Victoria will soon be joining fellow eliminated contestants in the Jury house.

7.  Zach

Before Zach’s fans start attacking me in the comments, let me explain my ranking for Zach this week. First let me say that Zach is my personal favorite houseguest. With his crazy antics and unpredictable personality, Zach has made season 16 worth watching! I die laughing every time Zach opens his mouth at a nomination, veto or eviction ceremony (nothing has topped Zach’s fruit-loop-dingus zinger yet).

The downfall of Zach’s personality is that he doesn’t know how or when he should just sit back and keep his head down. Zach’s constant outburst has led to many of the Detonators to turn their backs and secretly conspire against him. Just look at how close Zach came to being evicted back in week six. Zach is a smart player, he just needs to know when to step back and not put an unnecessary target on his back.

6. Christine

Oh Christine, Christine where did you go wrong. At the start of the game Christine seemed like one of the most intelligent players in the game. She managed to form alliances with both sides of the house and in turn remained relatively safe and under the radar. However, as the weeks went on Christine began to turn her gameplay up too quick as she threw alliance members under the bus left and right. Before even joining the Detonators (or Bombsquad) alliance, Christine made a small alliance with Hayden and Nicole. Both Hayden and Nicole were extremely loyal to Christine and would have taken her to the end with them, but Christine cut ties too soon with the two.

Despite everything that happened, Nicole would have stayed true to Christine and the two really could have made another run at their final two deal. However, Christine decided to give in to the wishes of her fellow Detonators and backdoored Nicole. The Detonator alliance literally fell into Christine’s lap to begin with and she should be able to see that the guys are more loyal to one another than they are to the girls this season. With Nicole gone, Christine is the only female threat left in the game and she could easily be walking out of the Big Brother house if she can’t manage to flip the table on the guys.

5. Cody

Of all of the players on this list, Cody’s ranking really comes down to his personal game. Everyone in the house seems to like Cody and their feelings are understandable. Cody is playing a great personal game. He has managed to stay in the good graces of nearly every houseguest which has kept him off the block for nearly the entire first half of the season. That’s right, up to this week Cody has never been nominated. His name has never even been thrown out as a target for eviction!

While Cody’s personal game has been one of the strongest personal games this season, there comes a point where you have to step up your game and start winning competitions. We’re halfway through this season and the only competition Cody has won has been a single HoH. He couldn’t even pull out the win in this week’s Battle of the Block competition in which it was three against one! If Cody wants to further himself in the game, he will need to keep doing what he’s doing in terms of his personal gameplay, while stepping up his physical game to win more competitions.

4. Caleb

Number four and five on this list were the most difficult rankings to decide upon, as went back and forth between Cody and Caleb. In the end Caleb  slightly edged out Cody for the number four spot. Caleb entered the Big Brother house swinging, becoming the second HoH of week 1. Over the next few weeks Caleb continued to be a force to reckon with winning his share of competitions, including the crucial HoH position in week six’s double eviction. While Caleb continues to be a dominant force in competitions, he has had his share of missed opportunities which have taken a toll on his overall ranking.

For two back to back weeks, Caleb was nominated as part of a plan to throw a Battle of the Block competition. In week seven rather of sabotaging Frankie’s chance of winning the Battle of the Block by playing the competition terribly, Caleb sat the game out and Frankie managed to claim the win. Fast forward to week eight and Caleb is yet again on the block as the two HoHs attempt to have a houseguest throw a competition. With Donny and Christine nominated against Caleb and Cody, all Caleb and Cody had to do was win the competition over Donny and Christine (the later of which whose goal was to throw the competition), and Caleb couldn’t even pull out the win.

While Caleb continues to prove he has pull in the house (after all he was the player who convinced the house to keep Zach and the one who convinced Christine to backdoor Nicole) he will need bring back the real Beastmode Cowboy in order to stick around in the Big Brother house.

3. Donny

In the first eight weeks of competition, Donny has been nominated a whopping six times! During those six times as a nominee Donny has managed to win the Battle of the Block competition two times and won the Power of Veto three times. In addition to his Battle of the Block and PoV wins, Donny has also managed to win an HoH competition.

Donny is a fighter! Donny has never really had any true alliances this season, yet he has managed to keep himself in the game week after week. Despite being the oldest houseguest in the competition, Donny has managed to outperform even the strongest competitors in his efforts to keep himself in the Big Brother house. Even with the house against him, Donny has managed to keep his game alive most recently winning the Battle of the Block competition despite the odds (his fellow nominee Christine was working with Caleb and Cody in an attempt to throw the competition).

In addition to his physical victories, Donny has one of the smartest minds in the game. The only thing left for Donny to do is finally form an alliance so that he has a solid ally in the game.

2. Derrick


Of every houseguest playing the game this summer, Derrick beyond a shadow of doubt has been playing the best game overall. Derrick is the only player in the house that has never been on the block, and there a good reason why. Derrick is playing a very smart game and he seems to have a very strong power over every houseguest in the house. His background as an undercover cop has defiantly helped Derrick to manipulate the houseguests into doing his dirty work. Whenever something goes wrong and Derrick gets put in the hot seat, he manages to flip the attention/target seamlessly onto another houseguest.

Derrick has only had two HoH runs this season, yet each week he has been able to influence the HoH’s nominations to keep his closest allies safe and get his personal targets out of the house without any blood on his hands. Everyone trust Derrick, which has made it that much easier for him to insert the knife into their back has they walk out the Big Brother house.

As we get closer to the end of this season, Derrick will have to continue his manipulating ways and step up his physical game. If he truly wants to cement his place in the finals he’ll need to take out our top ranked houseguest: Frankie.

1. Frankie


It should really come at no surprise that Frankie is this week’s top ranked houseguest. For weeks Frankie managed to play both sides of the house, skating through undetected. Throw in a few HoH wins and Frankie pretty much dominated the first weeks of Big Brother. Then came week six.

In week six the houseguests finally started to see that Frankie had been playing both sides of the house and throwing his fellow Bombsquad/Detonators under the bus. Following week six’s double eviction, the house set its sights on evicting Frankie from the house. Frankie was nominated by Nicole alongside Caleb, who straight out told Frankie that he would not be playing in the Battle of the Block. Without Caleb’s help in the week seven Battle of the Block, Frankie would have to face Donny and Zach on his own. Despite the odds, Frankie managed to pull out the win.

After hitting rock bottom, Frankie decided to come clean to the house and finally reveal his true career and his relation to pop star Ariana Grande. The last ditch effort actually helped his game, as the houseguests seemed to forget everything that had happened the past few days as Frankie’s target slowly disappeared. Frankie followed up his solo Battle of the Block victory with an HoH win, securing safety for himself this week.

Halfway into the season, the game is pretty much Frankie’s to lose. With his secret finally out in the open and all of his backstabbing suddenly forgiven, Frankie has mended his fences and is sitting pretty atop his HoH throne. If any other houseguest hopes to win this season, they’ll need to send Frankie packing!

Do you agree with this week’s power rankings? Which houseguest should be higher on the list and who should be lower? Sound off in the comments section below.

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