Kathy Griffin, Zingbot Roast 'Big Brother' 16 Houseguests

The Zingbot is back!

On Wednesday’s all new Big Brother, the Zingbot returned to the Big Brother house, but there was something slightly off about Zingbot: rather than dishing out zings he was dishing out props. Then came a ring at the doorbell!

The houseguests were set into a flurry when Emmy and Oscar winning comedian Kathy Griffin entered the house to help an ailing Zingbot recover. As Zingbot continued to dish out props, Griffin stepped in to hit a few houseguest with some hardcore zings. Griffin went on to target Caleb’s unhealthy obsession with Amber, Christine’s intelligence, Victoria’s lack of game, and taking an unexpected blow to one houseguest:

“Caleb, you and Amber have something in common. You think she is drop dead gorgeous and she wants you to drop dead!

Christine, there’s a belief that glasses make people smarter. Thanks for disproving that.

Victoria, I would zing you, but I’m only supposed to zing people who are actually playing the game.

What do you call someone who is not afraid to cry, wears pink and cuddles with men? Zach! Zing Motherf**ker!”

After dishing out zings, Griffin informed the houseguests that it was their duty to help repair Zingbot in this week’s Power of Veto (PoV) competition. The houseguests geared up and followed Griffin to the backyard for the PoV competition where one houseguest won the Golden Power of Veto and in turn helped restore Zingbot to his regular zing slinging self.

Fully repaired and back to normal, the Zingbot was ready to dish out some zings of his own this time targeting Frankie, Derrick, Donny and Cody:

“Frankie, that’s a nice tan, but I’m surprised you get any sun at all considering how much time you spend in your sister’s shadow.

This is a house of good looking dudes. There’s not one attractive man in here. Oh wait, I didn’t see you there, Derrick.

Donny, your luck is very Duck DynastyToo bad your social game is more like Suck Dynasty.

Cody, you’re such a nice guy. You haven’t made any enemies this summer, except for maybe Christine’s husband!”

With Zingbot repaired, Griffin and Zingbot headed home leaving the contestants to return to their lives in the Big Brother house, where things continued to heat up including a full blown attack on one houseguest courtesy Team America.

Make sure to catch an all new Big Brother tonight at 9/8c on CBS.

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