Big Brother Power of Veto Between Nicole and Donny

One of the more frustrating things in Big Brother is a dominant alliance. Normally these teams have a short shelf life in the house because it is too hard to keep large alliances secret. However this season the rest of the cast has been so aloof and non-threatening that they’ve let the detonators alliance run the house each and every week. The real mastermind of the house continues to be Derrick. The undercover police sergeant is behind each week’s elimination vote. His genius has been cultivating deals with almost everyone in the house. Even wastes of space like Victoria count on Derrick as a friend in the house.

This week’s big shock was eliminated houseguest Nicole returning to the game. Once she lost the HOH competition it was obvious she was going up on the block. Cody won HOH and nominated Nicole and Donny, America’s favorite groundskeeper. Will the rest of the house ever wake up to Derrick’s manipulations? Slim to none chance on that happening. Derrick is still the odds on favorite to win this season. The only monkey wrench could come if Donny or Nicole end up winning tonight’s Power of Veto. With the POV in hand it would mean another chance at a non detonator member winning HOH on Thursday.

Date: Wednesday, August 27th
Episode Title: Power of Veto Between Donny & Nicole
Start Time: 8:00 pm ET
Watch: CBS
Online Stream:

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