Robert Downey Jr. Kills His Acceptance Speech (Video)

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Robert Downey Jr. put on an absolute clinic on how to accept an award you have no business winning tonight when he won Best Actor – Comedy/Musical at the Golden Globes (for Sherlock Holmes). He defused the situation immediately and kinda made a joke out of his win, even mentioning that a family member told him Matt Damon was going to win for sure. He took his typical swashbuckling swagger to the stage, flung the announcement card with his name on it into the air and ripped into a classic speech. While Drew Barrymore was an absolute wreck up there, Downey was the epitome of cool. Maybe he should host next year’s Golden Globes?

Here are some of the better quotes from his speech…

“If you start playing violins, I will tear this joint apart.

“I don’t have anybody to thank.

“Certainly not gonna thank Warner Bros…they need me, Avatar was going to take us to the cleaners. If they didn’t have me,they didn’t have a shot, buddy.

“What am I gonna do? Thank Joel Silver, the guy who’s only re-started my career 12 times since it began it 25 years ago?”

Here’s a video of the entire speech:


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