Mad Men Barbie Dolls? Yep

One of the most memorable moments of Mad Men season three is when little Sally Draper gets a Barbie doll “from” Baby Gene. She chucks it out the window, Don Draper finds it in the bushes when coming home from work, brings it in and sets it on her dresser whil she’s asleep. When Sally wakes up and sees the doll in the middle of the night, she starts screaming (she thought Baby Gene was the ghost of the recently deceased Grampa Gene, and that he was haunting her).

Joan's Barbie doesn't have the same badaboom factor.

Now, I didn’t quite scream when I saw these Mad Men Barbie dolls, but I must admit I did shake my head a little. I’m not yet a parent, but if I was I wouldn’t give my little girl this set.

Don would be screwing all the other Barbies. She’d have to raid the liquor cabinet for Roger Sterling. She’d have to raid the medicine cabinet for Betty Draper. Joan Holloway Harris? Let’s just say that doll would need some extra stuffing in both the front and the back to be accurate. This concept is almost as wrong for kids as that Scarface school play.

On a more serious note, this is kind of a cool collector’s item for huge fans of the series. Sure, Don and Roger look a little younger than they appear on the show, and Joan a little less curvy, but overall they are pretty good representations. According to AMC, the Barbies will cost $75 and be available at, and select retailers.

Unless you are Andy from The 40-Year-Old Virgin, that’s a lot of scratch for some figurines. My suggestion: spend that $75 to buy all three seasons on Blu-Ray.