Doc Brown and Marsellus Wallace Are In Piranha 3D

I have to give writer/director Alexandre Aja credit for assembling a potent cast for his upcoming failure thriller Piranha 3D. As if Oscar-winner Richard Dreyfuss and Oscar nominee Elisabeth Shue weren’t enough, he also managed to score the man who made 1.21 gigawatts famous and the guy who got raped by a hillbilly named Zed.

That’s right, the venerable Doc Brown and the austere Marsellus Wallace will be fighting ferocious fishies later this summer at a theater near you, and in 3D no less. At present, there’s no truth to the rumors that the piranha are in reality Libyan nationalists, although Marsellus is said to get medieval on their asses.

I’d like to think all these skilled thespians chose their individual roles because the script was chock full of nuance and subtext, but I’m sure it had more to do with easy money.

At any rate, at least Piranha 3D isn’t masquerading itself as a legitimate movie-going experience like Clash of the Titans. Aja knows he made crap and is gladly selling it as such. I find that commendable.