The Real Genius Remake Needs the Fat Val Kilmer

Gather ’round boys and girls. It’s once again time to crank up the Hollywood remake machine. The latest ’80s flick to fall victim to a 21st Century chemical peel is rumored to be the cult comedy Real Genius. Columbia Pictures and Imagine Entertainment are currently trying to hammer out a script that doesn’t suck. We wish them luck with that.

We would also like to offer our strongest recommendation to include Val Kilmer in the updated version. But not the svelte, normal looking Kilmer. No, we want the obese, slovenly one most recently spotted by our own Adam Best at the premiere of MacGruber. That Val Kilmer is the shit.

For anyone too young to remember Real Genius, here’s a short scene that will make zero sense since you’ve never seen it. Trust me, it’s a righteous movie.