The Gift Is A.I. Meets Children Of Men (Video)

I have seen a lot of short films. And by a lot I mean more than probably 99 percent of the world’s population. I am not sure I have ever seen one quite as amazing as The Gift by Carl Eric Rinsch. I’m not sure if Ridley Scott and Philips Electronics ever thought the Parallel Lines series would produce this kind of sheer brilliance. This film reminds me of so many different classic films. A.I (the look). The Bourne Supremacy (the backdrop). Children of Men (the feel). Hell, even The Lord of the Rings series (the MacGuffin). This is what I, Robot would have been like if it was a Stanley Kubrick script directed by Paul Greengrass. It’s that amazing.

The one restriction for all the Parallel Lines films was that the following six lines of dialogue had to be used, in order…

The Gift is apparently being turned into a feature-length film, a la District 9. If the feature-length film, called Small, is anywhere near as good as this short, it will get an Oscar nom as well. Here’s the film. Prepare to have your mind fucking blown.

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