Bill O'Reilly Trashes Potts, Stark In Iron Man 2 (Screenshots)

The biggest cameo in Iron Man 2? Captain America’s shield? Thor’s hammer? Stan Lee as Larry King? Nope. Gotta be Bill O’Reilly. That’s right, Fox News “personality” Bill O’Reilly appears on the tube inside CEO Tony Starks’ Pepper Potts’ office long enough to trash both Potts and Starks. That is, until Starks mutes him.

Here’s what O’Reilly had to say:

“When Mr. Stark announced he was the Iron Man, he was making a promise to America. We trusted him to look after us. He obviously did not. And now we learn that his secretary, a woman named Virginia “Pepper” Potts, has been appointed CEO of Stark Industries. What are her qualifications!? Misses Potts is doing nothing to manage — (muted)” – Bill O’ Reilly in Iron Man 2

Love or hate him, it’s pretty cool that Bill-O was in the flick bagging on Stark. (Then again, why would either he or FOX News turn down free product placement in this summer’s biggest flick?) You know what’s even cooler? That millions of people will get to see Robert Downey Jr. do what nobody else can seem to do — shut Bill O’Reilly up.

Here’s another screenshot after the jump (big thanks to UK reader cellulloyd for sending these pics in along with the transcribed dialogue!)…