Angelina Jolie As Cleopatra?

I have no idea how Angelina Jolie even finds the time to do films anymore, what with her constant adopting of third-world babies and denying she ever slept with her brother, but according to Boffo on Variety, the serpentine actress is being targeted by producer Scott Rudin to headline a biopic about Cleopatra.

If anyone was tailor-made to play the Queen of the Nile, it’s Jolie. Her beauty is undeniable and when all gussied up can look very regal. Plus, Cleopatra was known to be a bit of a kook and extremely sexual. Again, Jolie would be perfect.

The movie will be based on author Stacy Schiff’s soon to be released biography, Cleopatra: A Life. The last time an actress tackled the role was Elizabeth Taylor in 1963, so an update seems long overdue.

I can’t believe it took this long to resurrect such a classic historical figure. I mean MacGruber and Marmaduke got movies before Cleopatra. Safe to say, Hollywood really needs to get their shit together.