Blake Lively's Brother Is Who?

I realize all you obsessed stalker types already know everything there is to know about Gossip Girl star and all-around piece of hotness Blake Lively, so the following revelation will undoubtedly be old news, but I’m behind on drooling over chicks I’ll never bang.

The other day while researching the movie European Vacation, I stumbled upon a tasty morsel. Now, I know what you’re thinking: what the hell was I doing researching European Vacation? Well, ya see, that’s what film bloggers do. We watch trailers all day, drink heavily and search for deeper meaning in movies like European Vacation. It’s a burden, but somebody has to do it.

Sorry, I’m rambling. I was researching European Vacation because I was interested to know what became of the ginger who played Rusty. An actor by the name of Jason Lively. Remember?

Yeah, that guy. According to IMDb, he hasn’t done shit since 1993. But he is Blake Lively’s half-brother. Huh? Rusty is related to this gorgeous creature?!

The same guy who looks like this today.

Yup, one in the same. At least he hasn’t let himself go. Must be on one those doughnut diets I keep reading about.