Russell Crowe Is The Equalizer

You gotta hand it to the powers that be in Hollywood. They really are gluttons for punishment. Despite the fact The A-Team essentially tanked at the box office this past weekend, producer Mace Neufeld is determined to dig up another ’80s action series and bring it to the big screen. And that action series would be The Equalizer, this time around starring everyone’s favorite A-list dickhead, Russell Crowe.


For those too young to recall, The Equalizer was about an ex-secret agent, played by Brit actor Edward Woodward, who helped those in need for free. It was a pretty cool show, kinda like Highway to Heaven only grittier and with guns. Woodward brought a stoic sophistication to the role, but he kicked major ass when called upon.

Crowe certainly has the chops to get the job done, although he’s not age appropriate. Woodward was ten years older with a head of gray/silver hair when the series aired from ’85-”89. Part of the appeal of his character was he didn’t look like a guy capable of exacting justice on the scourge of society. Crowe looks like he could pound the shit out of you on his worst day and barely break a sweat.

Whatever. Crowe is a big name, which is something The A-Team probably could’ve used, so maybe that will help rescue the flick from potential disaster. That is if it ever sees the light of day.

[/Film via LA Times]