Leonardo DiCaprio Confirms Mel Gibson's Viking Movie

The movie doesn’t have a title. Who knows if there is a script yet? Who knows when it will start production? Or be released? But Leonardo DiCaprio says he is definitely going to do a viking movie with Mel Gibson, so this thing is almost a mortal lock to happen and I’m stoked. When I hear about most tentative or upcoming projects, I do a quick Internet search to confirm, shrug my shoulders and move on.

“Kevin Spacey signed on to the new pic from The King of Kong director? Could be interesting. Colin Farrell and Eric Bana are doing a movie together where they are arch rivals? Hey, I like both actors, but I’ll take the wait-and-see approach before I label it the second coming of The Prestige.”

This Leo-Mel Viking Project, however, is something different. Just look at how I can title it — Leo-Mel Viking Project. Four words and you know it will be epic. I guess I could also just call it The Passion of my Loins. In fact, I can’t stop thinking about Leo running around with Alexander Skarsgård (hey, he’d be perfect) decapitating motherf***ers.

Anyway, I heard the rumors late last year, but I wrote them off as just that. But when Leo himself came out while promoting Inception and stated that he wants to do this movie next, well, what else is needed to make it happen? You have the biggest movie star in the world and an Oscar-winning director who can finance huge blockbusters basically by himself. This crazy, barbaric viking epic is going to happen, and if you’ve seen two movies — Apocolypto and Gangs of New York — you have to be furiously stroking your horn right now with excitement.

This has to be the biggest viking news since Favre’s comeback. I’m going to start rocking a viking hat a la Flavor Flav, that’s how jacked I am. Leo-Mel Viking Project. Are you scared, James Cameron?

Check out the video, from MTV: