Bond 23 Gets The Axe

As a huge James Bond fan, this news depresses the hell out of me. According to the Mirror, the newest chapter in the spy series has been shut down due to MGM’s ongoing financial woes. The studio, which has been home to 007 since the beginning, is drowning in debt and in need of a life preserver. Sadly, no one is coming to their rescue.

The as of yet untitled Bond 23 was to be directed by Sam Mendes, but it’s likely he’ll pursue other projects since the flick is in limbo. Too bad. It would have been interesting to see how someone of Mendes’ talents would approach the Bond universe.

So, for now, the franchise is dead. As are all of MGM’s properties, including the much discussed The Hobbit, which is suffering from its own set of delays and problems. Perhaps some kind soul with a heart of gold and a bank account to match will ride in on white steed to save the day. But until that day comes, we’re all left to wonder.

I dig Craig as Bond and was eager to see how he tackled the role his third time out. Casino Royale was brilliant, while Quantum of Solace fell a bit flat. Word is it could be years before 007 resurfaces. Ugh. I need a drink. Shaken, not stirred, of course.

[Via FilmDrunk]