Is Colin Farrell Ready To Bite The Head Off A Bird?

The upcoming Ozzy Osbourne biopic may have found its leading man. According to, which I imagine is the place to go for all things Irish, countryman Colin Farrell is the studio’s first choice to play the Prince of Darkness. Sounds fine and dandy, but Ozzy and wife Sharon have different ideas.

Sharon wants Johnny Depp. Ozzy wants a chap from his hometown of Birmingham (England, not Alabama). In fact, the rocker specifically said he didn’t want someone like Depp. Uh oh — domestic dispute alert. After watching The Osbournes a few years back, I’m pretty sure Sharon will be the one making the final decision. In other words, Depp will be getting a phone call.

I love Ozzy and dig his music, so a biopic about his adventures in debauchery should be a riot. One thing: the script better include the times he bit the head off a live dove and later a dead bat. Those scenes alone would be worth the price of admission.

[Via The Playlist]