Why Is There A Batmobile In The Arthur Remake?

One of the eagle-eyed spies over at Cinematical happened upon a mysterious discovery on the streets of Manhattan today. It seems someone left their Batmobile parked on the street. Rumor has it, the Dark Knight’s wheels of choice are being used in the Arthur remake currently being filmed in NYC. Crazy.

As you can see, it’s an older version of the vehicle, believed to be from Batman Forever, a movie that still haunts me to this day. Val Kilmer and Chris O’Donnell? Really? Anyway, here’s a better angle:

So, what the hell is this doing in the Arthur remake? The Cinematical folks surmise it’s probably one of the cars in wealthy playboy Arthur’s fleet. Makes sense to me. Even though I am vehemently opposed to Arthur circa 2011, the inclusion of the Batmobile is a pretty clever idea.

Photos courtesy of Jocelyn Davis