The Cast Of Inception (Graphic)

I’m just going to come out and say it — Christopher Nolan is my favorite director. No, not of all time. No, not currently alive. But, yes, right now, right now I think he’s the best director in the game.

He first caught my attention with Memento, which was one of the most influential films of the last quarter century. Then I went back and watched his first film, Following, and immediately understood how he got Memento produced. Next up was Insomnia, which is a pretty brilliant instant remake of a Swedish movie of the same name. Then he brought the Caped Crusader back from Bat-nipples with Batman Begins. After that there was The Prestige, which I consider a vastly underrated and nearly flawless film. Finally, there’s his latest effort, The Dark Knight, which I consider to be The Godfather II of comic book flicks.

Now, Nolan is moving on to bigger and possibly, or more like impossibly, better things. Since reviews started leaking out in the last week or so, words like “masterpiece,” “epic” and “hypnotized” have been getting tossed around. Every critic seemingly walks away from this mega-budget mind-bender that damn excited about what they just saw. Personally, I think we’re all about to witness the coolest flick we’ve seen since The Matrix dropped just over a decade ago. My expectations were this high for Nolan’s last film, a lot of people’s were, and he didn’t disappoint. He’ll deliver again.

Crazy thing is, the hype is building to a freakin’ fever pitch and we still don’t know jack about the movie or its cast. That’s why we here at FlickSided did some digging and put together this snazzy graphic that brings you up to speed on the cast/characters of Inception. Enjoy and be sure to check back in all week long as we’ll be serving up plenty of Inception coverage!